MS 024 Cinema Seating



  MS 024 Cinema Chair Technical Specifications

                        Detailed information about the MS 024 Cinema Seat has been provided.
Back unit with internal 12mm beech contra carcass, Seat unit with internal metal carcass 55 Kg / m3 (ISO845)They are made of water-based polyurethane material in accordance with international non-flammability (ISO3795) and permanent defermosis (ISO1856) standards.Seating and back units of the seats are designed in accordance with the human anatomy, 50 + – 10% densty and Mvss 302 fire standard

It is made of polyurethane material in aluminum molds. Inside the seat and back foam is a durable inner frame made of metal profile.Seating parts of the seats are manufactured as fixed.

                        The leg connection parts of the seats are made of 100 mm diameter and 2.5 mm wall thickness pipe, and the floor connection parts are made of at least 2 mm thick sheet metal,It is manufactured to give strength by giving form with a mold. Armrests are made of Mdf material and covered with a laminated artificial leather over a metal frame. Polished beech wood armrests and a concealable wooden writing table are mounted on the armrests. The armrests between the seats that are made sequentially are used in common. Seats with one leg and fittings suitable for the floor fixed with.
                       The fabrics to be upholstered are 100% polyester, resistant to friction, non-flammable and colorfast. Friction Strength: 60,000 cycles. Weight: 285 gr / m2. The seat sponges of the seats are manufactured with impact-resistant plastic covers, and the back sponges are completely fabric upholstered.


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